holy shit i did not mean to do a vanishing act but anyway here’s wonderwall

(actually it’s a quick sera though)

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i like you! and so, i shall give new power to that bow you wield. 

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Bethany Hawke.

undead-potatoes replied to your post “yo, what armour skins do you have on your asura?”

I’m curious, did you make the staff yourself, or did you buy it? c:

Bought it, back then I didn’t care to check if it was obtainable by other means than rare drop or the AH, woops. ;3

Anonymous asked:
yo, what armour skins do you have on your asura?

Witch’s Hat
Phoenix Mantle
Tricksters Vest
Priory Historical Gloves
Winged Pants
Back: Mad Memories
Staff: The Crossing

That’s the current one at least, and the ones I assume you want to know. :)


Dragon Age’s nugs celebrating the 1st of Halloween :D


“I’m going to do a Renegade playthrough!”


“…Damn it.”

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~this is halloween~


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.. . look into my eyes.. … .

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choose your party members

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The Rift part II.

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