Shepard & the media is so crazy 2 think about 

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The Last of Us concept art | Winter

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Whoa, way to spoil Dragon Age III for us, Skyrim


I’ll show you why skeletons are feared *vindictively rattles*

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Rhiann's Respite.


charlotte aka iheartapostates aka the sweetest person on the planet drew my nisrin adaar and, as expected, captured her PERFECTLY!! she’s so lovely i wanna cry (she’s even in casual rivaini garb!!!!!!)

if you’ve got some money to spare, go commission her. she is an absolutely wonderful person as well as an amazing artist!!


Very verry quick Morrigan doodle because I’m excited to see my girl again soon.

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Coloured bust commission for Graveheist of their super-adorable Mordesh engineer, who’s expressions range from “deer caught in headlights” to “dear god they’re killing that man”. He was SO MUCH FUN AAAAAAHHHH such a cutie!

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the party party

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James Jean’s Fable covers

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Soup season makes me happy.


I did a thing.

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Landscapes (1/?)

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If I look back I am lost.

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What is the saying? When in Orlais, do as the Orlesians do? Well, Sibylla is nothing if not adaptable. She’ll wear a silly mask, play their ridiculous Game if that’s what it takes to secure peace for her beloved Ferelden.

[With the release of Inquisition nearing I can’t help but imagine Sib dressed up in an Orlesian gown with her own halla mask, and who better to bring my imagination to life than the incomparable Charlotte ♥]

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